Safety & Quality

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Our policy is to maintain Safety and Quality for our customer, as we still believe that customer is king and our existence is because of them We assure our manufacturers are trained and educated by our highly trained team who minutely look into each and every details laid in our safety and quality manual, which is updated from time to time according to international standerds to meet the requirement of our customers .

Our Jewelleries and toy manufacturers who cover of popular brands like Disney, Pokomone, etc, have the Disney audit passed certificates. A specialized internal audit by a quality controller (QC) is conducted on manufacturer’s site for the entire duration of the project We undergo PRODUCT SAFETY REVIEW (PSR) Risk Assessment with laboratory or with customer for all new concepts / products :

We passed the test through certified laboratory like SGS / STR / for International / European standards, We ensure the final product is in accordance with all the necessary Safety Directives. Social Compliance System: K B I Promotion follows a Code of Conduct to ensure that social requirements such as – no child labour – proper housing – overtime compensation e.t.c. are met.